Snohomish Farmers Market | aerial photo video fusion

Love living in PNW. Especially little town Snohomish. It’s so cozy and welcoming, and delicious. We are spending there almost every date night!

Nightly stroll on 2nd street, or just a quick stop for beautiful flowers on Thursdays during summer months. And here it is – last Thursday in 2016 for Snohomish Farmers Market. I am looking forward to next year!



OUR NEW ADVENTURE | aerial photography

Hello, loves!

Recently we became owners of the drone DJI Phantom 4. We are so excited. We planned for it, we saved for it and now we have it.

We are looking forward to explore all the possibilities of this fancy machine and offer it to our clients in next wedding season!

Here is our unboxing, my review and the first flight!



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WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO | photography

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